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We are Redren Energy Pvt Ltd, a company passionate about harvesting solar energy.

We are engaged in manufacturing, marketing, servicing and researching of equipment that Harness solar energy. We manufacture solar rooftops, solar water heaters, solar water geyser, solar water system and solar PV systems.

As ISO 9001:2008 company , Redren Energy Pvt Ltd is an integrated solar technology company, engaged in manufacturing and research of products that best utilize solar energy. We are approved by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) as well as Bureau of Indian Standards.

From a small proprietary firm, we’ve grown to a manufacturing corporate that’s spread over 41,000 sq. ft at Rajkot, Morbi Gujarat (India). Our competent and trained teams help customers select the right size, type and category of equipment that best meets their needs.

We serve customers directly as well as through our well-established dealer network.

Our Vision & Mission


Our Mission

To serve the society as a leading renewable energy company by offering superior products and services guided by continuous research


Our Vision

To help build a world powered by clean, sustainable energy



Redren is driven by four principal values :

  • Standards : Strive to set ethical and corporate benchmarks
  • Responsibility : Value the importance of a clean, healthy environment
  • Outlook : Always carry a scientific approach and lead the way
  • Curious : Remain curious to learn more

Corporate Ethics

Corporate Ethics

Somewhere along the way, as we chase our goals, deadlines, targets or simply our daily to-do lists, we tend to forget the real issues in the world outside our windows. Recent developments impel us to cut across all boundaries and appeal to leadership to shake off the 'bigger-larger-higher' idea that has consumed business.

At Redren trust is the only currency that can sustain a corporation through the turbulences over its lifecycle. And, in our experience, one of the most uncomplicated ways of seeding trust is through transparency, because at Redren we are delivering what we are saying.

The culture of Redren is well organized and self-motivated. Our young and energetic staffs have a high level of team spirit and enthusiasm.


Pragnesh Raiyani - Founder of Redren

Mr. Pragnesh Raiyani
Founder Of Redren

Even while pursuing his degree in Mechanical engineering, Mr. Pragnesh Raiyani , the founder and Managing Director of Redren Energy Pvt Ltd was keenly interested in alternative sources. To gain better insights and explore the potential firsthand, he chose Solar Power Plant Project as his final year project.

As he delved deeper, he realized there was a great opportunity to provide clean energy to residences, public buildings, businesses and everyone else. What excited him was the fact that it was not about harnessing solar energy, it was about helping the society, the nation create a clean environment and a better place to live in for everyone.

In 2005, he founded Red Renewable Technologies , a proprietorship firm that built and supplied FPC based solar heaters.

With the objective of building a professionally managed organization, Red Renewable Technologies was transformed and Redren Energy Pvt Ltd was incorporated in 2007.

Two years later, the company moved to a new plant in Metoda, Rajkot. A year later, the plant was upgraded with modern manufacturing equipment. Research and development was given priority and company kept on growing and serving more areas. By 2015, Redren Energy Pvt Ltd had expanded its plant over 18 acres for the ultra-modern technology of Evacuated Tube Collectors (ETC) in Gujarat.

Awards and Recognition

As a responsible corporate citizen, we believe consistency in quality is as important as quality itself. That’s why we emphasize on building internal quality systems that match the high standards we set for ourselves.

We are pleased to say that the quality systems we have put in place for all our products, from solar heaters and solar rooftops to Photovoltaic, have been widely acknowledged. Here are some of various recognitions we have received in our journey.

  • 2005 : Awarded the ISO 9001:2008 for process
  • 2009 : FPC-based system receives ISI mark
  • year : Approval received from the MNRE
  • 2011 : Became MNRE Channel Partner of solar thermal energy
  • 2012 : Awarded Fastest Growing Company in India by the Government of India
  • 2015 : Empanelled as Channel partner by MNRE for solar On grid and Off grid PV Systems


  • 2016
  • Empanelled as Channel partner by GEDA for Domestic Solar Rooftop Systems scheme for the year 2016-17.

  • Started the EPC Services for Solar On Grid/Off Grid PV plants.

  • 2015
  • As a Techno savvy, with Upgraded Technologies We expanded our plant near Bamanbor, Jalida - Morbi in 18 Acres having Most Advanced Ultra Modern Technology for ETC (Evacuated Tube Collectors) in Gujarat.

  • Empanelled as Channel partner by MNRE for solar On grid and Off grid PV Systems.

  • 2014
  • We Proud as We Crossed our 50,000 Satisfied Customers.

  • 2012
  • Awarded as Fastest Growing Company in India by Indian Government.

  • Started the Solar PV Lighting Off grid system Trading/Manufacturing

  • 2011
  • We proud as MNRE Channel Partner of Solar Thermal

  • 2010
  • Modern Manufacturing Set up Installation

  • 2009
  • First Expansion towards Technology and foot printed to New Manufacturing Plan to Metoda, Rajkot

  • 2008
  • Registered Indian Standards Index (ISI) and Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) Company

  • 2007
  • Redren Renewable Transform to Redren Energy Pvt. Ltd

  • 2005
  • Foundation as Proprietary Concern as Red Renewable FPC base Solar Water Heater.

Core Competence


Redren Dealers have their own, marketing network like sub-dealers, sales person etc, and trained installation & service support team backed by skilled technocrats at Redren Energy. Dealer, sub-dealer should have to go through obligatory training, which is always in line with marketing, installation & service support. We deliver a superior customer support service program including site survey, capacity and model selection, installation, commencement and after sales service through our authorized dealers.

Trained technicians available with every dealer at the major Indian states, trained for speedy resolution of service issues; this is our core competency. Developing a sound customer relationship by providing high quality after-sales service is a key to our success. Our, Integrated & diversified service support system help us to track and monitor the status of already installed solar water heater.

On the basis of market & customer feedback we carry out continuous improvement in our existing products and lay foundation for future product. We try to increase efficiency of our dealers through continuous performance monitoring and training.



Although we manufacture a variety of products, we remain keenly aware of the importance of service in our industry. And we are proud to say we have kept our customers delighted!

However, our service begins before they become our customers.

Our field staff starts by carefully assessing the needs of whosoever approaches us for assistance. Based on their needs, location, surroundings, external factors and budget, we recommend to them what we believe would be an ideal solution. To us, earning trust is more than earning business.

We have full-fledged teams of qualified and competent solar energy engineers who can design and oversee manufacturing of custom-made systems. We have special crew for installation because we do not rely upon third-party agencies.

A full-fledged, professionally trained customer care department equipped with a modern-day Customer Relationship Management system is always ready to handle service requests and assign the tasks to our service teams. Service managers and service technicians are available to attend to any complaints. We have a turnaround time that does not exceed 48 hours.

To make sure we can serve high-quality service in all areas, we operate Authorized Service Centers across major cities in India. This ensures we offer total customer support that is swift, efficient and economical.

Our relentless pursuit to always put the customer first has resulted in Redren Energy Pvt Ltd being widely acclaimed as an organization with outstanding customer service.

Environment & Society

Environment And Society

On average for every 1kWh of energy produced by a coal power station, 1kg of CO2 is produced. Burning natural gas for electricity production or water heating produces about 450grams of CO2 for every kWh of energy produced. REDREN's smallest model, can save 2 tons of greenhouse gas emissions every year with compare to an electric storage heater. That's the equivalent of taking a small car off the road. In the average household, water heating accounts for around 30% of CO2 emissions. By installing a solar water heater, which can provide between 70-80% of your hot water heating energy needs, you can reduce your total CO2 emissions by more than 20%.

We believe that: The World would be a clear space so that our children can live and breathe.

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