Solar RoofTop

Solar Rooftop

Solar rooftop is a system that converts the solar energy into electrical energy that you can use for industrial, commercial or residential purposes.

This system can be mounted either on rooftop and terrace or on open ground. When installed by solar energy experts, solar rooftops turn out to be nearly maintenance free. Solar energy benefits the environment around us because it is non-polluting.

Besides that, the power you get from rooftop solar panels proves economical in the long run. In other words, you can expect a good deal of savings in your monthly bills for power.

The solar panel produces DC (Direct Current) electricity. This electricity will be run though inverter to produce AC utility electricity that you can use for practically any equipment that needs electrical energy.

The PV system is connected through the LT panel which, in turn, is connected to the utility side through a grid meter. The PV system supplies electricity to the utility and ensures that power excess can be exported back to the grid with net metering.

Here are some of the top benefits of solar rooftops:

  • Long life : Has a lifespan of 25 years
  • Government benefits : Brings various benefits from the government
  • Easy : Runs on very little maintenance
  • Great value : Gives return on your investment in 4 to 5 years
  • Suitable everywhere : Is suitable for any kind of electrical loads
  • Surplus : Can export surplus power to the power grid
  • Silent star : Performs silently, doesn’t pollute and uses green energy
  • Money saver : Helps save money on electricity bills
  • Breakeven : Delivers electricity free after the breakeven period
  • New age technology : Can be monitored through mobile or computer

Commercial and industrial solar rooftops

A commercial rooftop solar is a unit that supplies electrical energy through a carefully designed system which converts solar energy into electrical energy.

Depending upon on your requirement and the space available to set up rooftop, Redren will design the most appropriate system for you. It will not only lead to huge costs savings for you in terms of power bills reduced but also an assured supply of virtually never-failing power.

Here are the three major advantages of using commercial solar rooftops :

  • Get power that’s nearly free : Solar power through commercial solar rooftops is practically free.
  • Your product costs go down : Lowered electricity costs means lower production cost.
  • Enjoy advantage per norms: Get the most out of current government laws on solar energy.

Residential solar rooftops

Rooftop solar panels for homes make a lot of sense, primarily because of they help homes generate their own electricity.

Redren can help your home use solar energy with their high-quality solar rooftops with practically zero maintenance. Now you too can produce your own power and use multiple electrical gadgets without having to worry for bills!

Here’s why residential solar rooftops are a great idea for homes :

  • You save money : You no longer have to worry about large bills from your power company.
  • You can make money : All the extra power generated by you can be sold back to the grid!
  • Your life is easier : Freedom from the tension of the last dates of paying the electricity bills.

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